You found me. Hello.

My name is Yannick Ndongmo. I am a freelance artist and designer in our nation's capital: Ottawa. eOdPoD stands for elements of design, principles of design. My passions lie in curiosity and creativity about people, places, things and concepts as well as exploring various creative mediums and making new connections between them. I am most comfortable when given raw or recycled materials and challenged to use or create something with it in an unexpected, new, unique or unusual way. It forces me to constantly reassess, rediscover and reprogram what I thought I knew about how I see and what I see. My goal as an artist and designer is the expression of one's unique voice via multisensory communication and to create experiences that enrich lives. Aside from all that I love music, art, languages, science fairs and gadgets, travel, Asian culture and cuisine (especially Korean). Oh, and innovation of course!